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We are the PIT Society

Who We Are

The PIT Society is here to give you the vey best evidence of the paranormal along with showcasing some of the BEST investigative teams, individuals and active locations in our field. Our purpose is to provide a safe, friendly and intelligent forum for individuals interested in the advancement of the paranormal community.

About Membership

If you are registering as an individual, membership is currently free. Members will receive a weekly newsletter, access to the blog & evidence locker & discounts on merchandise in the PIT Store. Members will also be notified of upcoming events in their area. Members will also have access to podcasts and can submit content based on their own experiences, although we will determine what is showcased on the website.
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Joining as a Team

Team membership is currently free. This enables teams to register themselves on our website and also be able to submit content from their own investigations. Our goal is to form and to encourage working relationships with as many reputable teams as possible. By having a social media site devoted to the paranormal YOUR evidence will now have a safe, friendly and most importantly intelligent forum to be showcased and shared directly with other paranormalists from around the world.
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