Flap Those Butterfly Wings

Weather is created by series of events and conditions. Pressure, temperature, and wind have to be just right to make or break storms. It is believed that the slightest change such as the flap of a butterfly’s wing can begin a chain of events that can ultimately lead to the formation of a hurricane across the world. In the scientific community refers this phenomena as Chaos Theory. This branch of mathematics understands that the slightest changes can have great cause and effect. When it is being utilized in predicting weather and climate it explains as to why weather will be forever an art and not a science. It could never be fully known as to what was the initial cause that created or stopped the formation of a hurricane in any location. When and where the butterfly flapped it’s wings that made the change in the wind patterns is impossible to identify. The first conception of Chaos Theory was theorized by Henri Poincare in the 1880s. However Chaos Theory would not make it into popular culture until the 1960s and 70s. It was at this time that Chaos Theory became also known as The Butterfly Effect which more studied the effects that each decision we make creates a chain of events that effect the course of history. Movies and television shows have explored this concept in comical and serious ways. For insistence: A man traveling back in time to see the dinosaurs and stepping on a bug; then returning to the future only to find his world completely altered.

The fascinating and perhaps sad apart about how The Butterfly Effect is that how a life impacts the world around them is not fully realized until after they are gone or perhaps never at all. A famous example is that of President John F. Kennedy whom through out most of his adult life lived with chronic back pain and wore a back brace all the time. The day he was killed he was wearing that back brace when he was shot twice. The first shot was non fatal. However President Kennedy was held upright by the heavy back brace. It is widely believed that if President Kennedy was able to bend forward then he would have survived the attack. It is all speculation but it still within the realm of possibility.

A less well known event that changed the course of events occurred two years ago. I answered a Tweet from a gentleman named Chuck Banks. We made a friendship. He grew in his mediumship abilities. I got to meet other paranormal investigators through him and started a blog called Paranormal Spot Light where I interviewed people about their work. That blog led me to meeting Dan Klaes and writing blogs for his website and also being offered to host my own radio show Beyond the Creed on the Crossroads Radio Network owned by George Turner whom I also met by interviewing him for Paranormal Spot Light. It wasn’t a plan or goal for any of these things to happen, that is how it all works. Chuck Banks, Dan, and George flapped their wings that their wing created the perfect storm of where I am today.

I’m sure anyone who is reading this is able to think back to a person or event in their life whom changed it for the better or worse. However, was it really that specific person that altered your life in some way. Have you ever left a store after waiting in line for a long time because the person ahead of you had heaps of coupons and the cashier was new and couldn’t get the coupons to register. When you finally leave the store you see a large accident that just happened on the road you need to turn on. I’m sure you have stopped to think if I came through here a moment sooner that could have been me in the accident. Was the person with the coupons that saved your life? Or was it the new cashier that saved your life. Was it the store manager that hired that cashier that caused you to be behind on your schedule? Was it the crazy coupon person’s neighbor that gave them the coupons that caused your delay? It is all but impossible to know just who was the one responsible for you to avoid that accident. It is the incredible thing about The Butterfly Effect it all matters and it all causes a change.

In the past I have questioned if my life has meant anything or has changed a life in a positive manner. I am sure I am not alone in this musing. Just about everyone on Earth wants to make a positive impact or close their eyes for the final time knowing that their life mattered to someone. From what I have learned from studying The Butterfly Effect is that everything we do matters. As soon as we all decided to get out of bed in the morning we have set fourth events that could eventually lead to a massive event in human history. It is OK that we as humans don’t always get to fully realize what kind of impact we have. I ask anyone to keep this in mind: We all have a limited time on this earth. Be mindful each and everyday as you flap your butterfly wings and set the wind in motion; for it will certainly lead to the creation of something grand. Just keep those butterfly wings flapping.

Wisdom of the Dead

“BUSINESS!? Mankind was my business! The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, we’re all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business.” These are the immortal words of wisdom from Mr. Jacob Marley, the forever restless ghost in Charles Dickens classic novel A Christmas Carol. Marley learned to late the life’s purpose of the human spirit.

My years as a health care professional I have cared for many people in the dying process. I have cleaned the bodies of those who’s spirit passed into the Spirit World. To me caring for those who are at their most vulnerable is very rewarding. The Dying Process is different for everyone and it can be so beautiful and spiritually up lifting. Most of the time when a person is in their last days and hours they sleep a great deal of the time. However, there are times when a patient wakes up and has a moment of pure clarity. I know when this happening to a person I am caring for. Their face is more relaxed than it ever was in life. Their eyes are open wide and bright with keen awareness. Some laugh excitedly that they finally have an understanding of why the events in their lives occurred and are at peace. Other cry hysterically at the situations of the past that could have had a different outcome but it is to late to change anything.

One gentleman I was very close to and cared for him for years said to me in his last days before he had go to the hospice house was “Darling, in my years on this earth the greatest thing that I have learned was we are all on one big web. Our vibrations ripple through through out the whole web. Make sure the vibrations you send out are good ones.” I was in my early twenties at the time and that concept never occurred to me in my life. I had always taken my actions as a grain of salt. To this day I do my utmost to keep this in mind and spread the wisdom that dying man gave me. I have a big smile on my face when I think of him. He was always so positive and full of love. He made hard days at work so much easier. He was content with his life even though he had cancer. He loved all of us at the facility so much and let it be known everyday. His spirit left the physical world about six years ago but for me his vibration is still rippling through this never ending web of the world.

I also cared for a woman for about a year, maybe two. Even to this day I feel sad for her even though this happened years ago. According to her family she was petted as a child and was never made to do anything. She was allowed to stay home from school and stay in bed all day because she wanted to. Her siblings never came to see her because they didn’t like her for this reason. Her daughter came to see her out of personal obligation I suppose but didn’t have a close relationship with her because her childhood habits followed her into adulthood. The last day that I saw her as my patient she was crying. I asked her why she was upset. She answered simply, “What a life wasted.” I had leave the room because tears were collecting in my eyes. What was said was so simple yet the tone of her shaky voice reached into my soul. To me her life was not a waste. Not to me. She did pass on a lesson to me to do what I love in life to the greatest of my ability. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Embrace the gift of time today and you will truly be alive.

One day a new man moved into the facility. He was the coolest old man ever and so skinny. I’m sure that if a good gust of wind went through the building he would have been blown away. He was a good eater though. I loved going to the dining room and talking to people. We were never told why he was there. The staff just figured he was there for strengthening as he was rather weak. He never said anything greatly profound to me but I really admired him for how he carried himself even in the physically weak state he was in. He eyes always looked at people in the eye. His handshake was firm and real. His shoulders were back and his chest was out. He was a proud man but not in an overly cocky manner. He respected everyone and was interested in the lives of those who helped him. His spirit was solid as a rock as far as I am concerned. I was off work for a weekend and when I returned to work on Monday his room was empty. I was sad because I figured he went home and I didn’t get to say good by. That wasn’t the case. He was in a private room dying. I was hurt and confused as he showed no indication that he was that ill. There was a hospice nurse with him the whole evening and night. I frequently check on him throughout my shift. Then 9:00PM I opened the door and the nurse said to me “This is it.” She was meaning that he was taking his final breaths. I walked over to the bed and took his hand. Despite the fact that he was gasping for air and his eyes were closed he held my hand tightly. He only released me as he exhaled his last breath. I kissed him on the forehead and told him that I cared for him. That was it; he was gone. This man did no lead by words. He was a man of action and dignity. I learned from him that my actions at times are greater than my words. He taught me to hold my head high in the face in the darkest of time

All of these past patients and many many more stayed with me in some form or fashion after they moved on to the next life. If it wasn’t for them I may not be the person I am now. If it wasn’t for them I may have a fear of death. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t understand that there is such a thing as dying well. The term dying well may seem like an oxymoron but here me out. What else could one call it when a person dies content with themselves and the world around them? I have noticed that those whom have “died well” lived life to the fullest. Those people were confident that their life made difference to someone and that they experienced the world the way the wanted to. Those who have died well did not allow little things like animosity and hard ships stand in their way of happiness. Not even Death ended their love of their life. Not only did they love embrace life but their fellow man as well.

As Mr. Marley let it be known to us that it is the duty of our spirits to walk among with fellow man. These people that were content with their life and died with less pain and anxiety. Their families grieved around them not just for the fact that a loved one was slipping away but that the person’s laugh was going to be missed. The families are sad because never again will they taste the family recipe of macaroni and cheese because for some reason no one could make it the way Mom did. Life is funny that it impacts our death is such a tremendous manner. I do my utmost to live by the lessons that the dead have given. I do hope when my time comes that I do it well. Also, keep in mind that the dead are not gone and they are here in this physical world with us and they have lesson to teach us. We just have to be awake to hear them.

The Eyeless Boy

In my life I have had several paranormal experiences starting as a young child all the way up to adult hood. I’ve heard my name being called by a disembodied voice. I’ve been touched, I’ve seen glasses being tossed to the ground, and more. One event however, stands above the rest in my mind. I grew up traveling with a carnival. It was an interesting childhood to say the least. When I close my eyes I can see the fluorescent lights of the rides and games. I can still smell the enticing aroma of the funnel cake in the air. Also, now and then I get a craving to a real fair corn dog. Not the frozen ones you can by in the store. It’s not the same. To me the carnival is the prettiest at twilight; when the sun rays are golden pink in the sky and the matching lights on the rides and games seem to shine brightly along with the sun. This is the scene of one of the most memorable and mysterious experiences of my life.

This was a very busy night for the carnies working. People where crowding the mid way everywhere you looked. My mother had stopped to talk to someone. I held onto her hand and waited patiently for us to move on. As I waited I watched all the people run this way and that way. Teenagers looking for the biggest rides to go on. Parents carrying all their prizes and candy as their kids worked on their ever growing sugar rush. I’m not sure how long I stood there just people watching. Five minutes maybe? Like I said, I’m really not to sure now. Anyways, for some reason a woman and a young boy caught my attention. The woman was tall and slender and she was holding the hand of a little boy. They had nothing I their hands. No food, candy, prizes, or ride tickets. I don’t even remember seeing the woman with a purse or bag. That was not the strangest things about them though. What caught me off guard was the fact that even though they were walking right in front of me. So close that I could reach out and touch the boy. Despite this and the fact that they were walking under some bright lights they seemed distorted. I couldn’t make out any distinct features. It was like they were blurry silhouettes of two people.

They walked passed me and seemed to not even notice me watching them. I turned my head to continue to watch them walk away. In my young mind I really wasn’t why I was watching them so intently. Why I was so fascinated by them.The woman and boy walked about ten feet or so away from me and the atmosphere changed. The sounds of the mid way stopped. I could not hear talking, screaming, the loud sound of the rides, or the beckoning calls of the Barkers. The smells of the food was gone as well. The strangest thing of all however was the fact that the mid way seemed to be frozen in time. Including me. I didn’t (or couldn’t) move my body at all. Honestly, I don’t think I tried to move. Even the odd woman and boy seemed to be planted in place, still hand in hand. Suddenly the boy did make a move. He turned his whole body to the left but still seemed to keep a hold of the woman’s hand with his own right hand. Why did he turn around? Well to look directly at me of course.

When he turned to look at me I finally got see what he looked like. He had a pale completion with short brown hair. His frame was thin and he seemed to have long arms and legs. He looked to be about seven or eight. Close to my age. He was taller than me, but I’ve always been short so most people are taller than me. What is most engrained in my memory of him was the fact that he did not have eyes at all. There was skin over his eye sockets. He was close enough to for me to see the blue veins under the skin of where his eyes should be. His face was expressionless and he did not make a sound. He just stared at me. The woman that he was with did not make a more either. I never got to see what she looked like.

As the boy stood there staring at me I remember not really being afraid, but feeling in shock. I was shocked because I knew that this boy and I were examining each other intently but I couldn’t understand how he could make this eye contact with me without him having eyes at all.I knew in my mind that he was keenly aware and interested in me. I’m not sure how much time passed. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or two. Who knows though. As I mentioned before; time seemed to have stopped. The boy then turned back around and disappeared into the crowd. Everything went back to normal. The sounds and smells were back to normal. I jumped and turned to my mother. “Mom, that boy looked at me and he didn’t have any eyes,” is what I said to her. I know that really didn’t explain what had just happened but it was the best I could come up with. I was young and at the time really didn’t understand what I had just experienced. To this day I really don’t know what had happened. I’ve asked various gifted people through out the years and have yet to be given a clear answer.

My poor mother was at a loss as to what to tell me. I’ve had little experiences in the past with such things and she had always believed me. To this day she remembers that night and what I had told her. She did not have that experience but she says she can clearly see in her mind the look of confusion on my face and the shock in my voice. Not to mention my sudden outburst of what I had seen. It was not my normal behavior to interrupt adults talking and had calm and quiet the whole time we stood there. Wow, I was such a good kid. So, did not hesitate to believe that I did see something out of the ordinary. The only thing she could think to say to me at the time; “Are they hurting you? Are the scaring you? I answered negative to both questions. She then continued to say; “You leave them alone and they will leave you alone.” Sound advice really, though I don’t follow it to much. I’ve never had a truly negative or terrifying paranormal experience so far.

I still continue to research and ask those whom are more knowledgeable than I am as to what it is I saw that night. I’m unsure to say it was a ghost of any kind because he was corporal and seemed to be made up of skin, blood, and bone. I may never fully understand what I had experienced. This world is a strange one and there are still mysteries to uncovered.

Sleep Paralysis: Medical Condition or Paranormal Experiennce?

In the days of old when one would wake up suddenly unable to move, the victim would see grotesque being all around them. How scary it must have been to what to feel from these malicious entities and found you could not move. It was referred to as being hagged. The common belief was that a witch was invisible and sitting on the chest of her victim and was making him unable to move. The beings were minions of Satan with the only mission was to torment and cause fear in their victim. In this modern day the medical world now has a better understanding of this phenomena and refer to it as sleep paralysis. When a person goes into the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep (most commonly known as REM Sleep). During REM Sleep is when dreams occur and the body becomes immobile so a person doesn’t act out their dreams. Sleep Paralysis occurs when a person suddenly wakes up during REM Sleep and is still immobile. Now, during this time a wake person is aware of the world around them. What folks report experiencing during these events is that of shadow people, hearing chilling voices, and other strange creators not of this world.

I have often wondered why those that suffer from Sleep Paralysis always, always, always have horrifying experiences. In the research that I did for this write up did I find not find a single reported episodes of a suffer of this disorder having a positive or enlightening experiences during their paralysis. Not one. There doesn’t seem to be a crystal clear reason for this. That is understandable though. At this time science doesn’t fully understand the brain and how it works entirely. Nor is it fully understood as to why we need sleep in the first place. Whatever the need of sleep is for us and all living beings can have unfortunate results when it is disrupted. Murder and near drownings have been reported over the years. In 1879 a gentleman fell asleep in a hotel lobby. When a porter tried to rouse him he the man drew a gun and shot the porter three times. The killer was first charged with manslaughter then later released due to the belief that he was sleeping the whole time. Incidents like this show that even the law recognize the mind is not fully sound when it is being awakened.

In ancient and modern times it is not unheard for medicine men and holy women to use substances to alter their minds to connect with Spirit. With their altered minds they are able to receive messages from the Spirit World. Is the mind of the Sleep Paralysis suffer and the ancient Shaman the same? Both are experiencing an unusual and invisible world that those of the mundane mind cannot imagine. Science and experiences of people show that brain patterns change in sleep and in drug use. We have the data but we don’t now what it all means. Is it all hallucinations? If it is all just a hallucination then I question why and how are all these people today and through out history are having the same experiences. What if it is not creations of the mind? What if these people that have their shields down and in a vulnerable state are seeing what is always around us and never seen. Could the shadow figure one sees out of the corner of their eye always be there but only glimpsed at? It seems that if these entities that are experienced during Sleep Paralysis cannot hurt their tormented human. I have not found an instance where a human was physically harmed by the sights before them. It almost seems that these beings are only interested in causing fear and what to toy with the immobile humans. Any other time they do not get perform on such a stage. If their sole joy is cause fear and confusion, they succeed very well. We may never know if those suffers of Sleep Paralysis are peeking behind the Veil or if these really are creations of the mind. Science is making new discovers everyday. Who knows, one day they could one day find that the invisible world is not so other worldly as it seems.


The Problem With Residual

Paranormal researchers work hard day in and day out to collect evidence and data on reported paranormal phenomena. Many laymen think that those in the field believe that researchers are quick to say that every bump in the night is a ghost; is proof of The Spirit World. Of course that is not the case and those whom are on the outside looking in do not understand how much work and personal time it takes for a team to pick through hours and hours of collected videos, pictures, and audio. Not only that, they do not realize that research teams worth their salt will investigate a location several times because of how unpredictable the activity at a location can be. The fast majority of footage, pictures, and audio often offer no evidence or glimpse into the invisible word they seek. Even when evidence is captured there is still heavy debate as to what it all means and its authenticity. There is one occurrence often captured in the field that is incredible and exciting when captured but often debunked as evidence of the paranormal by credible investigative teams. I am speaking of residual hauntings.

Residual hauntings can be hard to realize. They are not true hauntings by the traditional definition. They are not intelligent spirits responding to what is occurring in their home at any given time. It is a point in history repeating itself over and over again in a continuous loop with no end in sight. The most widely expected school of thought is that an event that takes place with high intense emotions gets imprinted to a location and that is what begins the never ending loop. Most often these events are long past and those involved has passed on to the next world. However I was recently told a story by paranormal investigator Alex Matuso that a home she was researching had an interesting event happened each morning without fail. In this home at a quarter to seven in the morning foot steps could be heard down the hall way walking into the kitchen. Then the same kitchen cabinet would open slightly and then close. The gentleman that had lived in the home was very much a live but had moved into an assisted living facility. Alex learned each and every day this gentleman woke up every morning at 6:30AM then walk down the hall at 6:45AM, went into the kitchen and got cereal out of the cabinet. This was not an exciting event. So why is this mundane episode continue to repeat over and over again?

The metaphysical and scientific world are asking the question ‘Can stone, earth, and wood hold memory?’ Many are people have a theory that this is in fact true. If this theory turns out to be true then it could very well help explain residual hauntings. During an event of intense emotions could the building, earth, and stone really be recording history, then projecting the captured video over and over again. In the case where the old gentleman’s simple morning ritual of getting up and going to the kitchen everyday for forty years, it is possible that his actions became literally engrained in the foundation of the home. Also, the fact that the gentleman was still alive while this was going on in his old home, with him not there anymore, as further evidence to show that residual evidence is not paranormal evidence. It is known that stone, earth, and wood can be used as calendars to learn when events like fires, floods, and drought happened. Now, further research needs to be done if these materials can also record the humans that have lived in and around it.

As I stated before it could take a team several times to investigate a location to decipher if an event is residual or intelligent. If a location is popular for research teams to investigate it all of these teams would have to complete the multiple visits to a location to possibly all teams coming to the same conclusion eventually. That seems like a great amount of wasted effort for teams to all find a residual haunting. I have wondered in the past if it would ever be a reality for there to be a data base for paranormal evidence. Picture this: A team that is going to the Hinsdale House for the first time would be able to have access to previous evidence captured by a team before them. After this team has completed their investigation could compare their findings with teams before them. I feel that if something like this existed then there is a chance that it could help move Paranormal Research out of the Pseudo science stigma. If it is found that at voice was caught on the same day, at the same time, and saying the same thing it could show that was it being found by these teams is residual. Now if this team picked up a voice but is was response to questions and commands of the team. Then the team goes into this data base to find the same voice but responding accordingly to the previous, that would be more evidence of a true paranormal phenomena. My point is that if a team and discover a residual haunting they could identify it for what it is and move on to what is more likely true activity; the world of the paranormal researchers could move forward and may even gain some of the respect that it deserves.


Animal Spirits

The Spirit of Animals: Do they haunt locations?

There is a great debate among many different groups as to whether or not animals have souls or not. Some say that they don’t because their brains are not as developed as a humans. Others say they don’t because of Biblical reason. Then there are those whom argue that animals do in fact have souls because they possess the same emotions and energy that humans have. It continues on for the fate of our animal companions and those in the wild in the after life. Where do they go? If the famous Rainbow Bridge poem holds true then they to are excepted into paradise and are eventually reunited with their beloved humans. Of course the other side of aisle this is that Heaven is just for humans. This conversation may not have a conclusion until we ourselves pass over to the other side and see our missed childhood dog or wild tigers lazing around in Heavenly sunlight. With this ideology debate in mind I’m wondering if animals have souls not to different from that of a human…can they haunt a location like a human spirit?

To my knowledge the number of reported cases of animals staying with a family or location after death is very minimal. I didn’t know of any actual documented cases of such hauntings right off the top of my head so I had to do more research to find a case. I was able to find a report on www.ghostresearach.org that speaks of sightings from motorist driving in the Chicago by the Cook County Forest Preserves that they slow down in or around dusk to allow a horse with a rider on his back trying to cross the road. This article stated that in this particular area there have been several accidents and deaths of drivers hitting horses and their riders along the road. Some people that said that they have watched a horse and rider disappear right in the middle of the road. Others say that it appears that a silhouette of horse rears up and throws his rider to the ground before disappearing. As fascinating as these stories are it sounds to me that these are cases of residual hauntings; not intelligent spirits. The same article shares that more often than not if an animal haunting is to be reported it is usually that of a dog, cat, or horse. I’m wondering why that is the case. The emotional attachment that these pets had to their humans before they passed away? If it is the emotional attachment pets have to their humans could that explain the lack of reported sightings of wild animals? Most traditional hauntings do have a lot of emotion in their history. Perhaps, it emotions that bind us to this physical realm. It is inability to let of the material world that traps us where. The saying “You can’t take it with you”, comes to mind.

Now, there are myths and legends that of Hell Hounds, unicorns, and giant cats. These are stories not about ordinary animals domesticated or other wise but about fantastic beasts with supernatural abilities. Then there are the animal spirit guides in many occult and metaphysical practices. These guides are also presented to those of supernatural beings. If it is true that emotions and attachments is a big part of why hauntings occur in the first place than, to me, it would explain why the spirit of a deer is not seen running across the road is not common place and beloved pets are more so; even if it is a rarity. Dogs, cats, horses, and pets have been shown to truly love their humans and their territory and like their humans I’m sure are not always be ready to leave their material world behind after they have crossed over.

If a paranormal investigator does believe that an animal can and is haunting a location how could he/she encourage evidence of the animal haunting while investigating? I do have a theory of how this could be done. Since it is believed that pets can and do pick up traits of their owners it would seem to me that they best way to collect evidence of an animal haunting is to treat it the same way as one would a traditional investigation. Trigger objects: toys, food, and perhaps another animal. If it has been documented that a pet died with a person or family call for it by name or talk about their owners. When a team goes into a location they often research the history to understand what the person or family was like and then attempt to speak about or bring in items that would be familiar to the spirits to gain evidence and sometimes even help cross over to the other side. If the animals are included in the investigation and credible evidence is obtained it would open so many knew doors and understanding of the soul and the after life. I would be very interested to see the results of a paranormal research of an experiment of gaining evidence of an intelligent animal haunting.


The Hauntings of the House Spirit

All over the world, in just about any culture and any time period in history people have held the belief that spirits live in their homes or proprieties were haunted by spirits that have attached themselves to a location or family to help the family with daily activities of the hearth and home. The Domovoi from Slavic folklore (translation from Russian: “He from the House) has been believed to be a small hairy spirit who lives with his wife in the henhouse or cellar. Some believe that the Domovoi take on the form of the master of the house to work. There have been reports of neighbors seeing the Head of the Household working outside while in reality the real homeowner is fast asleep. Every home has one and giving him gifts of bread, milk or salt helps the family stay in his good graces. Scotland and England have Brownies whom like the Domovoi aide in daily house hold duties. To please the Brownie keep your home tidy and leave them porridge, milk, or honey. Do not leave them clothes or call anything a payment because this will upset the Brownie and he will leave the home.The Brownies often live in unused areas of the house. Even with the spreading of Christianity and the efforts of those in power to be rid of these lingering deities in the across Europe proved to be fruitless. In Tischreden (Table Talk) a book of sayings by Martin Luther from 1531-1544 he speaks of his encounters and dealings with Kobolds; little spirits of the home, mines, and sailor ships.

The existence of these little spirits are also a great example of how not all spirits are out for revenge on humanity or are sad lonely souls looking to try and reconnect with the living. With the long history humans have with these fae like beings, it makes me wonder why they choose the homes and families that they do. Not only that but why do they choose to live and work with humans? Is it possible that they actually love the family or locations and that is the reason they are so particular about the upkeep of their home and well being? Or is it the location these domestic spirits are dedicated to? Unfortunately myth and legend do not give much insight to these mini deities motivations or drive as to why they attach themselves to family homes and aide the humans in these seemly mundane tasks. It seems that they do have free will as it has not been noted in any myth of being forced into such work or made to stay with a family by a greater power. Although they are very helpful some of the little house fae can be mischievous and even flat out mean if they are displeased.

With this idea of house hold spirits in mind I have often found myself wondering if all hauntings in a home are that of a human spirit. Things go missing or end up in a different location, families hear foot steps in the attic, or little voices in an empty room. All these occurrences have been associated with these little Fae like entities for centuries and very much so apart of every day life for people. In modern paranormal investigation these spirits seemed to be forgotten more often than not. It seems to me that that in the front of the investigators’ mind is that they are looking for human spirits. It is forgotten that human’s are not the only ones that live in a location. I really believe that if investigators look more into account of not just the humans that lived there but the home spirits and elementals that could remain in a place long after the family is gone a team could obtain more evidence. Perhaps by expanding the knowledge beyond the human spirit and explore beyond the existence of demons the paranormal community can gain a greater understanding of the world behind the veil.


Not All Child’s Play

There is a long standing debate among paranormal investigators about whether or not the spirits of children can and do haunt locations. Or are they in reality the trickery of a malicious entity. Movies and other media seem to favor the latter school of thought. With movies such as The Exorcist and The Boy that bring to life terrifying stories that are based on reality to the silver screen. It is not just the evil children that haunt our movie screen and nightmares; it is also objects associated with them. Namely dolls. With legends and myths of dolls such as Annabelle and Harold it is no wonder so many people have a real phobia of dolls. What is it about the child spirits and their toys that fascinates and horrifies us so? Is it that children are pulled away from this world too soon and often in unsettling way; that we pray that children are able to keep their innocence in the afterlife? Perhaps because of this wishful thinking, when there are stories of negative paranormal activity that are credited to child spirits, many will turn to the idea that it must be an evil entity trying to trick the living by letting their guard down in the presence of assumed innocence. However, one can also argue that even the spirit of a child could very well have a malicious and vengeful intent. Through out history it has been well documented that evil can lurk in even the most tender of ages.

About this time last year I was able to meet one of the most famous haunted doll in the world. Robert the Doll while vacationing in Key West, Florida. While growing up I was fasinated by his legend. At the same time I was terrified of his inspired character, Chuckie the Killer Doll of the Child’s Play movie series. The legend states that the doll was given to a young Robert Eugene Otto of Key West, Florida by a disgruntled servant woman whom is said to have practiced dark magick. It is said that she cursed the doll and gave it to Robert as revenge after she was beaten by Robert’s father and dismissed. Robert became so attached to the doll that he took the doll everywhere with him and declared that his name is not Robert anymore; that it is the dolls name. Therefore he requested that he use his middle name Eugene from that moment on. Any and all mishaps that happened in the house “Robert did it.” was Eugene’s response. Sinister voices and frightened children and adults a like. Eugene’s attachment to the doll followed him until his death. When The Otto House was bought by another family; Robert’s new owner, a little girl, states to this day that Robert had tried to kill her.

Despite being very familiar with his story I wanted very much so to come face to face with this paranormal legend. One knows that he is fine that you take his picture when he moves his head. There are consequences for those that do not follow his rules are said to be cursed in some way. Injuries, lost jobs, and even death have been associated with Robert. Each year Robert receives letters of apology to him after they experience his wrath. I was excited and apprehensive about meeting him. I didn’t know what to expect. My husband and I paid our fee to get into the museum where he is housed and there he was waiting close to the front door. I pull out my phone and said Hello to Robert and introduced myself to him and asked nicely to take his picture. I felt I saw his head move ever so slightly. If I wasn’t watching him so intently I would have missed this movement. I thanked him for allowing me to take his picture. I examined the picture as soon as I took it. I came out perfectly. Robert was propped up in his little chair with his lion companion in his lap. He appeared to be staring down at me with a cocky smirk on his face. I was a bit unnerved and I turned away and looked at other displays around the room. My husband not really wanting to be there, but went because it was something I wanted to do for ages was standing off in the corner of the room. As I walked around the room I noticed my husband become very fidgety and struggled to pull out his wallet. “Babe, what are you doing?” I asked. As he pulled some money out of his wallet he said “He moved and is looking at me.” I looked back to the doll in the display case. His head was turned in the direction of my husband when before he was angled more in the direction of the main entrance. My husband fumbled to put a dollar in Robert’s donation box “Just in case.” We left Robert’s room pretty quickly to explore the rest of the museum but there is in only one way in and one way out and that is past Robert. As we left to catch our trolley outside I felt what felt like a bee sting on the back of my arm as I passed Robert’s display. I looked down and saw a red area but didn’t have time to process what happened. When we got back to our room my husband noticed an odd bruise where I felt the bee sting before. I had no idea how I got it and it lasted well beyond after out vacation was over. At dinner that night my husband was quiet. He finally admitted to me that he felt the bee sting on his arm as he passed Robert on our way out and had a bruise on the back of his arm in the same place as mine. Could it be that Robert gave us something to remember him by or an amazing coincidence that we are unaware of at the time. I cannot say for certain. What is certain is that the dark spirit of humans that live on in the Spirit World and may use any means they deem necessary to gain whatever they wish from the living. The illusion of a poor child trapped in purgatory could be an ideal way to make human compassion a weakness.


The Paranormal Stigma

Many people take it for granted that we know so much about the world around us because information is readily available at our finger tips. In reality that is not the case. There really is very little know about ourselves and the world we live in if one sits back and looks at the grand scheme of things.To deny respect to any form of research that has an ultimate goal of discovery is arrogant and foolish. At this time paranormal research in, any of it’s branches, is considered pseudoscience. It cannot be duplicated or tested in a lab therefore it is not real or meaningful science. This is the attitude that has settled in the minds of the white coat scientists. If and when there have those that don the white coats believe otherwise or have had their own experiences working in the paranormal field do not share what they have learned about it until they retire or have nothing to loose. What shame this is that those with funding and resources will not experiment and research this mysterious branch of science openly or at all. While those whom are passionate about the paranormal world must wait for days off of work to investigate and save pennies and dimes for equipment.

I often have asked investigators why paranormal research matters; I often get the reply “For knowledge.” When I ask if they could elaborate I am often giving the reply of “You know, that ghosts are real’ What drives a paranormal researcher to thirst for what lays just behind the veil is difficult to articulate. I believe that it could be due the fact that often times the researcher is not sure of what they are investigating. That is not saying that an investigator is not educated or knowledgeable in the field; it is the fact that so little is known about this whole other world that is just out of arms reach, yet is all around us. Religious text describe what the afterlife is and how a person gets there. In many ways death is often spoken of as a beginning of some other kind of existence; may it be a positive or negative existence depending on the story. It is a life none the less. If there really is a whole world waiting for us after we leave our physical bodies one could argue that there really is no such thing as death. What is viewed conventionally as death really could be just a natural transition into the next stage of life.

In a field such as the paranormal that creates more questions than answers one would think that those in the scientific world would be more keen on exploring. Paranormal investigating is not a new concept; it has simply evolved over the years that make it so that every day people can conduct their own research. Often investigators are mocked by those on the outside looking in. Some say “They are faking it for attention.” or “How could someone chase after something like that in the twenty first century?” Yes, this field like so many others, have had its fair share of fraud. A few bad apples does not make the whole crop rotten. In my own experience I have noted more serious and dedicated people working in the paranormal than anywhere else. Instead of being mocked I feel that paranormal research in all of its branches should be praised for going against what those in power who get to say what is real and what is not.

Through out history change and advancement have not been achieved by those who stay inside the box drawn by others. New discoveries are made by those who have been told time and time again it can’t be done. Not everything is this world can be placed under a microscope but it can be measured; like air for example. We can’t see it. We can’t fully examine it with our eyes in a lab. We know it is there, however. We have learned how to test it, clean it, and convert into energy. Mankind has taken something that is invisible, studied it and now have a good understanding of what it is and how it works. Who is to say that can’t be done again? With the advancement in technology and the reviving interest in the paranormal thanks to television shows and teams being able to network via social media; there is a breakthrough is on the horizon. I have a feeling that whatever that breakthrough is; not only is it going to create more questions; it is going to create a new awareness of our physical lives and its purpose. It will be a reality and it will be brought into light by the freaks, the dreamers, the wish full thinkers, and the odd balls. The hardest part is waiting for that day to come…

eagle_house bw

The Eagle House – Williamsville NY

The Eagle House in Williamsville, NY is an interesting site!  This location has ties to the Civil War and is still an operating restaurant and pub today.  Management and some staff members feel a few of the spirits from this time period may still be present here today.  Greater Western New York Paranormal Society has investigated this location, be sure to view the episode and see what the crew discovered.
Located on Main Street in the village of Williamsville this 1832 site was a stopover for passengers and wagons traveling from Buffalo to Batavia.  Offering a hot meal and place to rest for the weary traveler.  This tavern is believed to have been one of the many possible Underground Railroad sites in the Western New York area.  The tunnels located below the restaurant would have served as a passage way for those escaping slavery.  Many of the buildings along Main Street have connected tunnels underneath which may have served well for moving people from place to place.
The basement at the Eagle House is used today for storage.  Some staff members have felt a presence there or heard voices while working.  There is a feeling they are not alone.  The Eagle House serves lunch and dinner daily and offers a varied menu.  They also host banquets and showers.  Be sure to visit their website or stop if for a drink soon.  Check out the episode below from the GWNYPS investigation of this historic site.
Please View the Video here: Behind The Shadows – S1 E9

The Statler Tower – Buffalo NY… by Phantom Blogger Parakel

Welcome to my 1st blog on Haunted sites. I want to thank Cameron and Daniel for this opportunity. I’ve been to so many sites in Western NY and across the East Coast. I’ll be bringing you a few of these on a regular basis…

I’ve noticed in my travels that many cities make the same claim, stating to be “The most haunted city in the U.S.” Having been to Savannah & Atlanta GA, New Orleans LA, Gettysburg PA & Charleston NC, taking their haunted tours & history walks I can say they all hold a place in history foremost, and they also rival with haunted folklore.
However, each time I’d return from my travels I would find myself thinking of how Buffalo is so rich in history and haunted tales that we too can make the same claim. Now joining with GWNYPS we can gather plenty of evidence to prove it! It was difficult to decide which location I’d write about 1st, since I’ve toured and investigated so many of our historical landmarks. I recently met Mark Croce, the millionaire owner of Statler City. He has relocated here from the Big Apple and currently resides in Orchard Park. Mark owns the Statler, The Chop House, the Bucking Bronco, Darcy MCgees, and he is in the process of bringing the Dinosaur Bar B-Bque here soon. His plan is to “revitalize Buffalo” site article in Buffalo Rising:


He also tries to save and preserve historical buildings when possible. The renovation of Statler City has a long way to go however, the “spirits” there seem to like what he is doing and they visit often to let us know. It was the place to be in the roaring 20s, opening in 1923 it was the 1st hotel to have bathrooms in all the rooms. Three Presidents stayed there and later in the 1950s, 60s and 70s the hotel space was converted to offices. My Mother worked on the top floor for a prominent law firm, her 1st job out of school in the 1960s. I interviewed several employees and security guards who told me similar stories. Hearing high heels every night on the 2nd floor, around 11pm. They check to find no one is up there. Voices coming from the Presidential room, which is locked and empty. In the golden ballroom the chandelier will sway often during a party and glasses behind the bar will break for no apparent reason. The basement holds a creepiness, when I toured it, even during the day I felt uncomfortable. There is a small tunnel down there I saw and photographed however, it’s mostly closed off now…so many buildings with underground tunnels in our city. The manager of Statler City, Conor Hawkins was born and raised in Ireland. He is in his mid 30s and has made Buffalo his home for the last 10 years. He loves this city and you can hear the passion in his voice when he talks about the paranormal activity in the building.
Check out the footage from the GWNYPS investigation this past winter. This is definitely and active site and worth a visit. We will be offering a public investigation of the Statler in December. If you live in or around the Buffalo area continue to check the GWNYPS website for dates and information.

Van Horn Mansion Investigation

Van Horn Investigation

Hello Paranormal Nation, I am the Phantom Blogger of Western New York! I have been haunting and terrorizing WNY for the past 100 years and have decided to team up with P.I.T to bring you the best paranormal blog in the area. Follow me as I track local teams at their events and investigations at different haunted locations. I will also be providing insight about my past and present experiences of life after death! Yes, you got it the first ever blogging ghost, so pay attention to what i have to say if you don’t want me hunting you down and haunting you for the rest of your pathetic mortal life!!!

Today a local team called The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society ran by Cameron Daboin and Dan Klaes will be heading over to the Van Horn Mansion to do a full and detailed investigation. It shows this team must be top notch because it is not everyday teams are allowed in to research the mansion for paranormal activity, not to mention the well known Ghost of Malinda gets very annoyed when she is bothered by the living. For those who are not familiar with Malinda or don’t have access to my buddy list, she is the daughter in-law of James Van Horn and the wife of James Van Horn Junior. She died on January 13,1837 apparently during child birth however what she told me was completely different, she was murdered by her husband for having an affair with one of the servants. With the Van Horn family having such a respected political backround, in this era the affair could have crippled there family’s reputation and is something James Junior felt could not be risked. Volunteers over the years have told me they see a fully dressed Malinda in different rooms of the mansion along with smell of Lilac perfume lingering through out the home. The team will spend the night to early morning trying to discover evidence on these stories along with many other mysterious claims made over the years.

I will be there to witness it all, so stay tuned to my report on the Van Horn investigation and many other stories and topics in the world of the paranormal!

Welcome to the Phantom Blogger

Welcome to the new P.I.T. Society Phantom Blogger section.
Hello Paranormal Nation, I am the Phantom Blogger of Western New York! I have been haunting and terrorizing WNY for the past 100 years and have decided to team up with P.I.T to bring you the best paranormal blog in the area. Follow me as I track local teams at their events and investigations at different haunted locations. I will also be providing insight about my past and present experiences of life after death! Yes, you got it the first ever blogging ghost, so pay attention to what i have to say if you don’t want me hunting you down and haunting you for the rest of your pathetic mortal life!!!

Today a local team called The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society ran by Cameron Daboin and Dan Klaes will be heading over to the Van Horn Mansion to do a full and detailed investigation. It shows this team must be top notch because it is not everyday teams are allowed in to research the mansion for paranormal activity, not to mention the well known Ghost of Malinda gets very annoyed when she is bothered by the living. For those who are not familiar with Malinda or don’t have access to my buddy list, she is the daughter in-law of James Van Horn and the wife of James Van Horn Junior. She died on January 13,1837 apparently during child birth however what she told me was completely different, she was murdered by her husband for having an affair with one of the servants. With the Van Horn family having such a respected political backround, in this era the affair could have crippled there family’s reputation and is something James Junior felt could not be risked. Volunteers over the years have told me they see a fully dressed Malinda in different rooms of the mansion along with smell of Lilac perfume lingering through out the home. The team will spend the night to early morning trying to discover evidence on these stories along with many other mysterious claims made over the years.

I will be there to witness it all, so stay tuned to my report on the Van Horn investigation and many other stories and topics in the world of the paranormal!